Reservation Agreement between Global Bus Tours and Customer.

Global Bus Tours is a company of TRAVLITE UK PVT LTD. These booking conditions are only general terms and conditions of the booking agreement between our customers and suppliers or service providers of any accommodation or transport provided.
Policy related documents
Below is a list of our company policies related to the Global Bus Tours Website Terms of Use, Product Review Policy and Privacy Policy.
Disclaimer of Reservation Agreement

The terms set out in the booking agreement apply to all bookings made through the Global Bus Tours website or its affiliates, including:

i. Direct access to the Global Bus Tours website

ii. Access the Global Bus tour website through our partners or customer representatives

iii. From the customer call center

These terms apply to anyone who uses the website or its services.

Global Bus Tours as an Agent
In all cases of bookings and reservations made between you and our related service providers, our role is that of an agent. The operator is the supplier and our Principal. Information about relevant suppliers will be included in the delivery certificate that our company produces each time you enter into business with the service provider or suppliers.
General condition of suppliers regarding
The user is bound by the terms and conditions provided by our suppliers whom the user chooses to be with for any booking or reservation. We are solely responsible for providing vehicle order information for all tour bookings prior to selecting suppliers. After choosing a provider, you will be responsible for making that choice. If there is a conflict between the conditions provided by our website and the websites of the relevant providers, the conditions of their websites will prevail since we act as a representative only.
Special Conditions
We are only the Agent for the entire booking process as mentioned earlier. We and our relevant suppliers reserve the right to change or adjust the prices of products mentioned on our website at any time before or after your reservation regarding the purchase of our products.
Changes to your booking process
If other changes are made to your booking, we will notify you of these changes. If you don't like this change and don't want to accept it, our staff can offer you an alternative arrangement or a price change. If you do not like another offer, your reservation with us, which was made before the change, will be canceled under our company's cancellation policy. We will not accept any liability as a result of any changes made.
Liability incase of Circumstances Beyond Control
Neither we nor our suppliers shall be liable to compensate the user for any damages resulting from circumstances beyond the control of the owner of this website or the supplier concerned. These situations include situations that cannot be seen or avoided even with active work. Not only war, bad weather, civil unrest, natural disasters are not limited to situations. It includes anything beyond the control of the owner or its suppliers and service providers.
If you are not satisfied with any of the services provided by our company or its suppliers, you must notify us and the service manager immediately, so that we can take the necessary measures in time and give you a solution. If you do not notify us of the same, you will not be entitled to any subsequent damages for any damages you suffer.
Payment methods and prices

We accept the following credit cards for payment:

I. Master Card

ii. Visa Card

iii. Master Card

IV. American Express

We do not charge any fees for processing payments made using the above credit cards. Please note that in order to make a reservation, you must pay in full by credit card. Prices shown on the site are individual unless otherwise stated. Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices are based on local rates converted using the prevailing exchange rate. It is advisable to carry enough local currency to cover personal expenses during our trip as we do not include any expenses of a personal nature. For instance. food, car fare, airport tax, security deposit, drinks, passport/visa and more. These fees are in addition to the listed price for our products. You will pay these fees to the service providers necessary for the consumption of the service. Please read the terms and conditions of relevant service providers before making a reservation. We will not be responsible for any financial costs if the relevant service providers charge other costs.

Special request

If you want to make a special request for a service that is not listed on our website or that of our suppliers, you can make a special request to us. We will try to accommodate your request but we cannot guarantee the same.

Changes to request a reservation before the service is consumed

Please note that in order to make changes to the reserved order, you will need to cancel the reserved order by paying a cancellation fee(if applies) and afterwards you can place a new order incorporating the changes. The new reservation will be at the price effective on the day the new policy is implemented. We reserve the right to change, cancel or replace any service. We may also decline to accept or retain members of the tour at any time for any reason, including insufficient number of participants. It is your responsibility to ensure that your travel arrangements or dates do not match other arrangements you have submitted on our site. We will not be responsible or liable for your incorrect booking errors.

Cancellation policy
If you cancel any of your reservations for any reason, we will charge your credit card for the appropriate amount in accordance with the cancellation policy. You must agree to a cancellation fee before cancelling your reservation. If your reservation is being processed and is awaiting confirmation, then we will not accept any cancellation requests. The processing time usually takes 2 working days.
Financial security
All bookings made at our company are covered by the applicable law for the amount paid to us. This includes compensation from the cancellation of our services if our company is insolvent. Users are advised to keep all invoices, receipts or any other documents related to travel arrangements in order to receive their money in bankruptcy proceedings.
Liability of our Company
We are only agents of our suppliers and we are not liable for any damages to the employee or his family in the event of injury, death, loss or damage. Similarly, we do not accept any liability or loss resulting from any act of government, war, terrorism, severe weather, emergency or any other circumstance beyond our or supplier’s control.
Travel insurance coverage
You and your party must have appropriate travel insurance to cover your trip as neither we nor our suppliers will pay if you do not have adequate insurance. We strongly recommend that you purchase a comprehensive travel policy at or before the time of booking.
Travel Confirmation
Our company will provide you with electronic copies of vouchers for every reservation made by you on our website. It is your responsibility to print all supporting documents related to the travel reservation made. When presenting the voucher to be redeemed for service, you must present your recent photo ID and other relevant details. The operator is authorized to confiscate your ticket if the identification or signature or credit card does not match the contact details of the main passenger.
Behavioural Responsibility

You are responsible for your own behaviour and that of your travel group during the trip. If your behaviour could cause harm to anyone, guests or staff, we will cancel your reservation immediately. In such event, In such a case, you will not be awarded any refund, claim or compensation or damages suffered by you as a result of cancellation or your actions.

You are responsible for the safety and security of your travel companions. You agree to indemnify our company, our directors, officers, employees and suppliers against any liability incurred by us as a result of your breach of this agreement or your violation of any law or person's right. It should be noted here that your liability is not limited to claims, recoveries, damages, fines and penalties.

Hotel reservations
It is your responsibility to check the hotel facilities and make a decision about your reservation. We will not pay if this hotel does not offer you any amenities. It is recommended to check hotel reviews, food, rooms, parking and fees, swimming pools and other amenities before making a decision.
You are responsible for providing the exact pick-up location and arrival time at least 72 hours before the date of the trip to the phone number and email address listed on your ticket. These details include airport, flight number, hotel address, etc. Failure to comply with this information will not entitle us or our suppliers to any refunds.
Marketing Communication
When you register on our website or make a reservation, you agree to receive all advertising information from us, including all brands. You may wish to unsubscribe by clicking the unsubscribed option mentioned in the e-mails.