Privacy Policy

Global Bus Tours has a policy of ensuring that your privacy is protected while visiting the site. The personal information we collect is only used to follow the writing act of 1998. All the information you give us is read and held anxiously, but must be agreed to before arranging a trip with Global Bus Tours.
What Personal Data And Information We Collect

When you purchase something, during our negotiations, or when you contact us about a purchase, we may collect personal information. We may also collect information from any online registrations such as subscriptions, newsletters, and surveys.

When you visit our website, we collect domain names. We also use cookies.

When you visit our website, you can either remain anonymous or disclose some personal information for the purpose of booking and purchasing.

If you purchase a product, we will ask if you want to review it.

No other collections of personal information will occur without your consent.

How we protect your data

We make sure that your personal information on our website is kept secure with encryption protocol when being sent and received. We require a secure session to be established when transferring your personal information.

We use a network of secure environments and have physical security measures to protect your data.

Though we will make reasonable efforts to secure your personal information, we cannot guarantee it will always be safe. This is why Global Bus Tours cannot hold responsibility for any damage caused by unauthorized access to your information.

How does your browsing history affect the privacy policy that Google agrees to?

With your consent, we may use cookies to collect your preferences and track how you interact with the website. We collect information from different pages visited in order to deliver our services.

When you visit a Web site, it asks your computer to save small pieces of information called "cookies." The cookies allow the Web site to recognize your computer and offer tailored content. These cookies identify only your computer and not who you are.

What are the types of cookies

1. What is a Session Cookie?
Cookies cannot identify you personally, but they allow the website to function. Session cookies are used keep track of your conversation with us, so that if you request something (like adding a hotel) it is still there when you revisit that page.

2. What are persistent cookies?
When you visit our website, we assign a permanent cookie on the hard drive of your computer to help us identify you. We use this information to personalize your browsing experience. Cookies do not contain any Personal Information that would reveal anything about you.

Think about what you see as a third party tracking device

Ads and cookies may be used on our website that are created by third parties. These third parties will use this information to assess the effectiveness of their ads.

Opting Out

Cookies are necessary for our site to work correctly, but you can turn your browser so that it rejects both "permanent" and "third party" cookies. To find out more, refer to the factories of your internet browser.

If you want to change your cookie settings, you may need to use the preferences menu in your browser.

Explore the Privacy Settings available under Internet Explorer

Keep your internet browsing experience safe with these simple cookie settings

How to use Chrome's cookie settings to protect data

Apple's new iOS update

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Why privacy policies are important for your business

We collect your information to provide you with the products you want to purchase. The personal information we collect will be shared with our service partners in order to help fulfill your purchases. Please note that we may share your information outside of the UK and the European Economic Area. Global Bus Tours is not responsible for any other content on the internet, including links it has to other web pages.

Snapshots from the third-party web beacons of Yahoo!, track how visitors are using your website, so that it may improve its service based on anonymous usage. These snapshots may also provide advertisements for goods and services relevant to the user.

We will not sell your information to third parties who are not related to the service you purchased from us. Neither do we share data about you with advertisers in order for them to show advertisements on our site.

Global Bus Tours is a company that provides tours to people. One of the lawful bases for the processing of your data is when a company needs to get consent from people before making a booking.

Global Bus Tours requires a few bits of data from you in order to properly manage your requests and maintain contact. If you fail to provide these pieces of data, Global Bus Tours will not be able to reply or follow up with you.

If you don't send all of the required data, our team won't process your request.

By providing your data to Global Bus Tours, you ensure that it's accurate and updated.

You can find out more information on our Website pertaining to Global Bus Tours. In this sense, Global Bus Tours will only request you and process necessary data in order to provide services you've contracted and maintain a commercial and/or contractual relationship with you.

Global Bus Tours takes customer data, to process them and this is based on what the law states they are allowed to do with it

1. What does a privacy policy typically say?

2. The purpose of this contract is to provide the service quality and billing.

3. This contract covers services such as lodging and vacation options which will let you know if any changes are made to your booking.

4. Manage the commercial relationship with potential clients, attending to requests for information on products and services offered by Global Bus Tours.

5. If a legal dispute arises, you may need to contact the insurance company for Global Bus Tours.

How does consent work in a privacy policy?

You receive communications from commercial entities whenever you engage with the Internet. Said communications are based off your browsing and consumption habits, including those of products and services that might be related to the webpage you are currently on. The communications might be advertising based on these criteria.

3. Legitimate interests of Global Bus Tours:

- Global Bus Tours has a legitimate interest in sending marketing materials to potential clients.

- Conduct surveys and market studies to know the quality of our products or services and the preference of our clients. The legitimate interest of Global Bus Tours is to improve the commercial offer and experience to its clients.

- Global Bus Tours has a legitimate interest in improving the browsing experience of the Website and managing it effectively.

- Share personal data to third parties in the context of business operations (such as mergers or acquisitions). The legitimate interest of Global Bus Tours is to grant the continuity of the service.

Learn what happens to personal information when you surf the Internet

We use tracking software to improve services, provide you with relevant content and analyze your browsing of the site. However, we are usually unable to identify you as an individual through this information.

Cookies are small pieces of information that your computer uses to remember what you have searched for on this website. You can delete them if you want, but most of the features still work without cookies being there.

What are the third parties to which your data may be shared?

To make a reservation with Global Bus Tours, personal information is collected and given to third party companies:

- Global Bus Tours shares your data with third parties, such as public authorities and government agencies; they are obliged to do so whenever they need to comply to be compliant.

- For administration and to verify the authenticity of your card for purchase, we work with contracted services suppliers.

- Potential third party service providers. These are services Global Bus Tours may possibly provide in the future, to keep things going smoothly.

- Global Bus Tours also provide services to companies outside the European Union. We require these companies to ensure data protection as established in a binding contract, except in cases where the European Commission has determined that the country provide an adequate level of protection for personal data."